Who are the family?

Ali Blond (sometimes) but definitely not dumb, cat addict Ali now lives in Canada with Charlie (known as Chuckie to his fans)! Charlie The man of a thousand hats, Charlie is a truly wonderful man (for a foreigner hehehehe). One day he hopes to be zooming through the sky in his own little plane.
Mumsie A Xerox slave, Mumsie works way too hard! Even under pressure though she always manages to be the best mum in the whole world! Sue If it is DIY you are after then Sue can DIY it for you! From plumbing to stained glass she is truly multi-tallented.
Jenny With 4 sons and several grandchildren Jenny will never be short of people to visit! Spud If you need any help then Dad is your man! Number crunching and railway sleepers are his speciality ;)
Lucy The 'puzzling' one of the family Lucy can tie you into fifty different knots just using the English language! Tim Computer loopy Tim can solve your every software problem with the help of his trusty sidekick Gizmo.
Linda If you turn Charlie's sister Linda sideways then she disappears :) You can always find her with at least three dogs in each hand! Ashley Ashley is definitely the COOL one of the family. Just don't mention the Back Street Boys to her because she will probably swoon!
Brittany Horse mad Brittany has a very firey temper to match her hair colour. She is a real softy when it comes to animals though :) Corinne Corinne is well and truly the Nintendo Queen. She can always be found with Gameboy attached to while away those spare hours.
Auntie Auntie cooks like an angel - her banana cake has to be tasted to be believed and don't forget the carrot soup! Grandma Grandma is a one woman Labour Party fan club and can always be found drowning in a pile of newspaper clippings ;)